Gold Prices

Gold Prices Continue to Decline Amidst Expectations of Prolonged High Interest Rates

The ongoing decline in gold prices was fueled by investor worries about the likelihood of extended high interest rates.

Spot gold reached a six-month low, falling 0.8% to $1,850.44 per ounce, while U.S. gold futures settled 0.7% lower at $1,866.10. The ongoing decline in gold prices was fueled by investor worries about the likelihood of extended high interest rates, with the U.S. central bank adopting a more hawkish stance on monetary policy.

Monthly and Quarterly Declines

For the month of September, gold was on track to end with a 4.6% decrease, and for the quarter, it faced a 3.6% decline. These declines were largely influenced by the Federal Reserve’s shift towards higher interest rates.

Interest Rates’ Impact on Gold

David Meger, Director of Metals Trading at High Ridge Futures, emphasized the significant influence of interest rates on gold. When interest rates rise, the opportunity cost of holding gold increases because gold doesn’t yield interest and is priced in dollars.

Dollar Index and Treasury Yields Gain

Both the dollar index and 10-year Treasury yields were poised for quarterly gains, further pressuring gold prices.

Brief Uptick on Favorable Inflation Report

Gold briefly saw an uptick, rising by as much as 0.8% in response to a moderately favorable inflation report. In August, the core personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index increased by 3.9% annually, while the headline index rose by 3.5% year-on-year.

Gold as a Hedge Against Economic Uncertainty

Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank, highlighted gold’s enduring appeal as a hedge against economic uncertainty, especially amidst the challenging outlook for the U.S. economy in the coming months.

Chinese Gold Market and Precious Metals

In the physical gold market, China saw a slight decrease in gold premiums during the week, but they remained elevated due to robust investor demand driven by concerns about a weakening yuan and ongoing economic uncertainties. Among other precious metals, spot silver witnessed a 1.7% decline, platinum recorded a 0.3% decrease, and palladium edged down by 2.1%.

Mustika Ratu

Mustika Ratu (MRAT): Turning Losses into Profits in H1 2023

PT Mustika Ratu Tbk. (MRAT), a leading cosmetics and herbal goods company, turned losses into profits in the first half of 2023.

MRAT Financial Overview

According to financial data, MRAT earned Rp167.80 billion in H1 2023. This is a slight gain from Rp166.89 billion last year, but the company managed to negotiate a tough economy.

Cost of goods sold rose significantly despite a 0.54 percent sales gain. The cost was Rp84.42 billion in H1 2023, up 9.98% from Rp76.77 billion last year.

Selling expenses fell to Rp51.42 billion from Rp67.30 billion and general administration expenses to Rp24.92 billion from Rp26.75 billion in H1 2023.

Diversified Revenue Streams MRAT reported Rp550.03 million in other income, unlike the prior year when it had Rp117.15 million in costs. Financial income rose from Rp13 million to Rp3.09 billion.

MRAT’s net profit attributable to the parent entity’s owner was Rp37.28 million, a substantial improvement from the prior net loss of Rp9.9 billion.

Liabilities and Financial Position

The company has Rp229.47 billion in liabilities, with Rp45.68 billion in long-term and Rp183.78 billion in short-term. MRAT equity is Rp413.42 billion, increasing its assets to Rp642.90 billion.

Future Growth Optimism from Management

MRAT’s management recently stated that current consumer trends greatly support the company’s prospects for large sales growth in 2023.

The management stressed that beauty and health potential remain strong, especially as customers engage in more outdoor activities post-pandemic.

“As a result, there will be an increasing demand for beauty and health products, which will grow even stronger in 2023,” management said Thursday (28/9/2023).

This situation matches MRAT business lines relating to post-pandemic tourism industry development, according to management. This recovery should benefit Mustika Ratu’s Spa & Wellness and creative businesses.

MRAT Strategies for the Future

Financial achievements and a positive market outlook set MRAT for strategic growth. The corporation chose IPOs over bond issuances due to market conditions. MRAT expects corporate bond issuances to rise in 2024 and 2025 if The Fed and Bank Indonesia increase interest rates.

Challenges and Market Dynamics

Cost control, revenue diversification, and strategic market positioning are delicately balanced in MRAT’s financial success. Adapting to changing consumer behaviors, economic situations, and industry developments will be crucial to the company’s growth.

MRAT management is closely monitoring consumer preferences and the economy while the market awaits new leadership policies and election cycles. The company’s H1 2023 financial turnaround shows its resilience and strategic adaptability in a changing business climate.


Honda Brio Sales Rise 32.28% January-August 2023

Honda low-cost green vehicle (LCGC) sales, mostly via the Brio model, rose 32.28% from January to August 2023, a remarkable turn of events for the automotive sector. This rapid development shows Honda’s continued appeal in Indonesia’s automobile sector.

Excellent Sales Data about Honda Sales from Gaikindo

From January to August 2023, Honda sold 35,523 LCGC Brio vehicles, according to Gaikindo statistics. This amazing statistic represents a 32.28% rise over the previous year. These data demonstrate Honda’s commitment to building automobiles that surpass customer expectations.

Visionary Honda Prospect Motor leader Yusak Billy

Honda Prospect Motor’s respected Business Innovation and Marketing & Sales Director, Yusak Billy, excitedly imparted his deep views into this historic accomplishment. He stressed the appeal of LCGCs among Indonesian customers, especially first-time car buyers. LCGCs are appealing for their cost and value.

Mr. Billy stressed that Honda would continue to improve its LCGC products. This commitment includes updating and releasing new models to the changing Indonesian market. Honda’s mission revolves upon meeting customers’ changing wants and adapting to the Indonesian market.

First-time buyers’ decisions

First-time car purchasers are increasingly making informed decisions. These smart shoppers weigh several aspects before buying. High resale value, fuel efficiency, operating cost-effectiveness, and brand trust are among these factors.

Honda’s Brio has adapted well to changing customer preferences. The Brio’s May makeover made it a competitive competitor, appealing to these discriminating first-time customers. Mr. Billy said, “Much like the updated Honda Brio released in May, we remain committed to the tireless pursuit of providing products that not only cater to consumer needs but also adapt seamlessly to the ever-changing market conditions in Indonesia.”

New Brio RS and Satya Facelift

Honda Prospect Motor has launched the New Brio RS and Satya facelift models to demonstrate its dedication to innovation and customer pleasure. These innovative products, priced at Rp165.9 million and Rp233.9 million, debuted in May 2023.

While engine specs stayed the same, facelift versions had major external changes. These upgrades will satisfy Indonesian customers’ demanding preferences and establish new automobile industry standards.

The New Brio Satya: Enhancing Driving

The Brio Satya, one of Honda’s LCGC gems, now has groundbreaking innovations that enhance the driving experience. New LED headlights and attractive daytime running lights are major upgrades. These improve vision and give the car a contemporary look.

The Brio Satya’s 15-inch dark chrome alloy wheels offer refinement to its design. The new head unit gives the cabin a contemporary, technologically sophisticated look, keeping passengers secure and connected.

The All-New Brio RS: Style and Performance Symphony

The new Brio RS is a great option for elegance and performance. Its bold new front grille exudes confidence and elegance. Its bulb headlights with DRL make it sportier than the competitors.

Two-tone 14-inch alloy wheels give the Brio RS a distinctive look and a pleasant ride. The RS’s rear has been painstakingly developed to be new and exciting, promising to turn attention everywhere it travels.

In conclusion, Honda’s incredible LCGC sales increase, powered by the Brio model, shows the brand’s longevity and devotion to making great cars that people love. Honda Prospect Motor adapts and innovates to meet Indonesian customers’ changing demands under Yusak Billy’s vision. The New Brio RS and Satya facelift models solidify Honda’s leadership in Indonesia’s automotive industry, providing cars and experiences that surpass expectations.

Road to Eye-catching Landscape

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